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Create your user account

Creating your Nubentos user account is a very simple process.

First, click on the user icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Access to the registration process


In the form that appears, click on the “Register” button.

User name


You will be prompted to choose a user name. The system will check if that name is already in use by another user. If so, it will display an error message.

The user name already exists


Once you have entered a user name that is available, you will be shown a simple form to fill in.


Registration Form


When you click on the “Register” button, you will receive a verification code in the email account you have used, which you must enter to verify your account.


Verification code


After entering the code and clicking the “Verify” button, the account will be created, but will not yet have the necessary access permissions.


Verified account


The process will automatically take you to the user plans page, where you will select a user plan that will set up the permissions on your new account.


Selecting your user plan


To do so, click on the “Select” button of the plan of your choice.


Selecting the Starter Plan


On the next screen you will have to fill in the missing data in the form, and click on “Submit”.


User plan activation form


And from this moment on, your account will be correctly created and with the access permissions corresponding to the chosen user plan.

User account successfully created










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