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Costs model

The cost model in Nubentos is mixed.

On the one hand, when you create your user account you must contract a user plan to be able to access the development portal and the entire catalog. This membership implies the application of the corresponding fee, with a monthly or annual periodicity according to the modality you have chosen when contracting your plan.

From that moment on you can access the entire catalog, subscribe to the APIs in the different consumption plans available for each one, which will reach the consumption levels limited by the user plan you have contracted.

You can test the APIs as long as you want, and integrate them into your projects. During all this time, you will only be billed the fee associated with the contracted user plan.

When the integrations you develop reach your end users, in the form of a new application or new functionality available in their software tool, the consumption made by your users will be translated into a new item on your invoice. The amount that we will apply each month will be the result of applying the rate of the consumption plan with which you subscribed to the API, by the number of monthly uses made by your users.

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