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API Integration

At Nubentos we put in the hands of our clients’ IT team the necessary resources to simplify and accelerate your integration projects.

The provider of the solution you are going to integrate does not participate in the development of the integration. In fact, you are not going to integrate your software directly with their backend, but with the mediating platform (that is, Nubentos).

This allows us to standardize the solutions of all providers and offer them to you as standard REST APIs, regardless of the technology that each provider has in its backend. We abstract you from that technological variety.

This significantly simplifies the development of your integrations and drastically reduces the complexity and costs associated with maintenance.

To help you even more in the development of your integrations, Nubentos offers you several additional resources regardless of your user plan.

Online console


With the Nubentos API Console, you will be able to interact with the API you are going to integrate long before developing the integration. This will allow you to perfectly understand how it works, what parameters it expects to receive and in what format, what response you can expect and in what format you will receive the information.

In this way, the design of your integration will be much more accurate and error-free, which will speed up your integration project, your testing phase and reduce errors.



API base URL


You can implement the code that interacts with the API directly using the base URL we expose in Nubentos, or you can use any of the 10 SDKs we generate for each API.

SDKs generated for each API

In the Application, within the section corresponding to the Production or Sandbox environment, you also have the necessary code to manage your keys from your software, an aspect of vital importance to properly manage security and maintain access to the API at all times.

Access token generation


An additional advantage of using Nubentos as an API provisioning and management platform is that you will be able to perform a unique management of access keys and errors. This allows you to maximize the reuse of your code, which translates into less development time and lower maintenance costs.





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