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Accessing the APIs

Each of the APIs available in the Nubentos catalog has a detail page that gathers the most relevant information about it.

To access the detail page of an API, simply scroll down to it and click on the “View API” button.


API details: information, cost calculator and packs


The detail page of an API has three zones:

  1. Information about the API, where you will find:
    1. API Name
    2. Commercial modality
    3. Tags
    4. Version
    5. Supplier Company
    6. Description
    7. Status
    8. Available environments
    9. Certifications
    10. Documentation
  2. Cost calculator, which will allow you to make usage estimates to identify which SaaS plan + API consumption plan offer you the lowest cost according to the level of use you estimate that functionality will have in your software.
  3. Packs, which displays an automatic scrolling list or carousel with the Packs that include this solution, relevant information to identify at a glance possible use cases for that API.

To make use of the API, simply click on the “Use API” button at the bottom of the page. In order to use the APIs, you need to have an active Nubentos membership account.


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