Bienzobas, specialist in evidence-based oncology, relies on Nubentos for its Digital Health strategy

by | 30 Dec 2021 | 0 comments

We close the year in the best way possible: with the signing as a client of a new player that has enormous weight in the field of oncology in Spain. We are talking about Bienzobas, a specialist in the treatment and study of oncology based on scientific evidence. Bienzobas is committed to the Nubentos model for the adoption of Digital Health, and to provide its users and patients with the best current healthcare solutions. 

Our new partnership works to bring the best oncology treatments to its patients, striving to enable greater accessibility and advancing day by day in oncology research through drugs and clinical trials that follow regulated scientific guidelines. 

That is why Nubentos is the ideal partner for this type of collaboration. Thanks to our wide catalogue of digital solutions and our standardized integration facilities and pay-per-use payment method, Bienzobas benefits from tools that will allow them to continue to achieve their goal. As they themselves say, all innovations in treatment are welcome if they help and save a patient’s life. 

Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder of Nubentos, declares that “having Grupo Bienzobas as a client of the Nubentos API Store is a source of pride for the whole team. From the very first moment their CIO Luis Durán and his team have been very aligned with our vision. This agreement represents our official entry into the hospital sector. For Nubentos to help the digitisation of the main Spanish group specialised in Oncology is a further plus of motivation“. 

As always, our API Store is open to everyone and to all medical and clinical fields. Whether you are a provider or a consumer of APIs, in our marketplace you will find the most innovative and secure solutions in the ecosystem. Our team will be happy to guide you step by step towards the most revolutionary Digital Health. Take the move!

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