A better behaviour analysis through Behavioural Analytics: care for Mental, Occupational and Emotional Health

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We recently launched a new eB2 (Evidence-Based Behavior) API in our API Store: Behavioral Analytics, the digital solution that provides a behavioural analysis service to integrate into eHealth applications and systems.

Better treatment of mental health from behaviour analysis

 Mental Health encompasses a whole spectrum of facets that go beyond psychological disorders and are gaining momentum day by day. Going one step further, awareness and treatment of these problems now crosses the barrier of the individual and enters the work environment.

 In order to provide better tools to all actors in the ecosystem, from caregivers and companies to healthcare professionals and providers, eB2 develops Behavioural Analytics

Behaviour analysis applied to the field of Mental Health is a health modality that had of course a place in the work of bringing Digital Health to the world, with which Nubentos preaches so much.

 Nubentos therefore welcomes in its catalogue of healthcare innovations this digital solution based on user data aggregation services, obtaining behavioural biomarkers and integration into third-party platforms.

 Behavioural Analytics adapts to each client and allows the export of results to any EHR, HIS or HR management system. When applied to companies, BA would help to improve the well-being of workers inside and outside the work environment, facilitating stress management

 Thanks to this data collection and adaptation, BA carries out a behaviour analysis of its user and establishes a passive, objective and non-stigmatising monitoring of the patient’s state of health. In addition, it helps to achieve healthy habits and to prevent the onset of pathologies and psychological disorders as well as to monitor quality of life and variations in chronic patients.

 This and many more digital innovations are available in our API Store. Enter and discover the ones that best fit your healthcare needs as a healthcare professional or provider.

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