Optimize medical reports with Badakit Healthcare, the real-time semantic API by Cysnet Software

by | 7 Jun 2022 | 0 comments

If you are new to Nubentos, you may not know that in our digital catalog we have several innovations that provide solutions to hundreds of problems and have numerous healthcare applications for ecosystem players. Even if it is not an API recently added to the Nubentos API Store, today we come to present a solution that is worth knowing: Badakit Healthcare.

Badakit Healthcare is a Semantic API that automatically analyses in real time doctors’ notes or other free text sources and is developed by our partner in Digital Health, Cysnet Software. As they describe it on their website, Badakit is a software solution that automatically tags in real time the existing findings and diseases in each medical report, combining them in a dashboard with typical structured data.

It works by tagging terms that correspond to a medical taxonomy, such as SNOMED CT, ICD-9 and ICD-10, relying on other medical dictionaries and thus providing physicians, hospital administration and knowledge analysts with real-time access to all records corresponding to a particular ailment

Thus, at Nubentos, we can offer a solution that allows users to benefit from a tool that will help them to establish diagnoses and create more complete medical reports. It is not difficult to guess the applications that Badakit allows its users to obtain, starting with the optimization of healthcare management, as this solution also studies the evolution of medical records in order to better adjust the range of services offered by your center.

This and many other health APIs are available for use and enjoyment, without code, without complications, for all users of the ecosystem, in the Nubentos API Store. Enter now and discover Digital Health as you have never experienced it before.

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