The certification of medical data, now possible in Nubentos with Hashing DNA’s Blockchain Certification API

by | 26 May 2022 | 0 comments

As you may well remember, a few months ago we shared an agreement with a new partner specialised in blockchain, Hashing DNA. With Hashing DNA’s smart certification, users can certify and digitally sign any file or web content on the blockchain, in a secure and simple way.

Its application to the healthcare sector was clear from the beginning and Nubentos knew how to take advantage of this interesting partnership. Now, we can announce that its certification solution is finally available in our API Store for use by any actor in the healthcare ecosystem.

We are talking about the Blockchain Certification API, an API for certifying critical information on a blockchain. With Blockchain Certification, users can certify any critical data for a company or any type of file, be it video, photo, pdf, csv, etc…. It is only necessary to read the hash of the file to be certified and call our API. No security or privacy problems (we work with the hashes, not with the files).

Thanks to the Hashing DNA API we can offer a tool that will provide security and speed when dealing with sensitive medical data in medical consultations, facilitating the exchange of data between organisations and patients

This API, by its nature, is part of two of the essential innovation packs designed by Nubentos: the Clinical Management Pack and the Medical Reports Pack. Moreover, like the other APIs in our catalogue, this blockchain solution has the highest quality standards for its exploration and integration.

Making Digital Health accessible and simple for the ecosystem is our goal, opening space for all digital solutions with a medical application to have a place in our API Store, which currently has more than 80 innovations for you.

Your competitors know, don’t be left out.

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