Automatic ECG interpretation is a reality, and it’s called Precise.

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It may sound like science fiction, but it is not. The automatic interpretation of ECGs in the cloud is a reality available since this year in the Nubentos API Store and many of you already know it. It is called Precise and it is the digital solution par excellence of the BeSure.Online platform. 

Precise, the BeSure solution for cardiologists.

In our efforts to make Digital Health accessible to all corners of the ecosystem and available for healthcare professionals to apply to clinical and healthcare processes, Nubentos nourishes its catalogue with innovations such as Precise.

Precise’s detailed readings allow professionals to make a better and more accurate remote monitoring of the evolution of their patients, their attention to the prevention and rehabilitation of strokes and other accidents or cardiovascular diseases.

Precise works simply as a calculator. After entering the extracted ECG measurements, the EHR sends the data file to Precise’s cloud server, where it runs the interpretation API and in less than a minute transforms the data into a detailed report.

When is automatic ECG interpretation useful?

Precise can be an incredibly comprehensive tool for healthcare professionals in different scenarios. For example:

  • For 24/7 remote patient monitoring and follow-up, analysis and clinical decision support during recovery and rehabilitation.
  • To assist in the accurate and timely identification of patients at high risk of cardiovascular and respiratory complications and difficult cases. With personalised monitoring, as well as control and prevention as it allows the physician to reach a conclusion about that risk after a 4-minute examination.
  • As support in the diagnosis and follow-up of side effects, cardiac dysfunctions and complications.
  • To support the prioritisation of care in cases of early remote detection of respiratory failure.
  • For automated diagnosis of cardiac complications and prediction of possible side effects of treatment.

What are the benefits of automatic ECG interpretation?

With Precise, constant and remote care of your patients’ health is a reality. In addition, you will have a system specially designed to be a great ally when making clinical decisions based on health data obtained in real time.

  • High accuracy and standardised processing
  • Constant updating of clinical guidelines for ECG interpretation.
  • Supports numerous ECG formats with multi-language support.
  • Free integration into your medical centre’s information systems.
  • Calculates up to 700 parameters, with different visualisation tools and customised reports.
  • Enables remote patient care as well as application in other medical fields.

Nubentos puts this and many other digital health solutions at your disposal in our digital catalogue. What are you waiting for?

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