Environmental Intelligence API

Pollen exposure monitoring service for the prevention and management of seasonal allergies.

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Environmental Intelligence API

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Pollen Free
Allergy IA Wellness
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Realtime Pollen APIs to stay safe from allergies.

Empower your customers with Ambee's proprietary pollen data to track and avoid seasonal allergies like never before! Pollen sensitivity may vary from mild-seasonal allergy symptoms to asthmatic symptoms to severe asthmatic attacks. Pollen exposure affects human well-being with different seasonal allergies, with a disproportionate increase amongst those with respiratory ailments. This makes pollen tracking extremely important.

Track your customers' allergies with pollen forecast, tracker, and an index based on the local pollen counts for more than 25+ types of pollen. Find the up-to-date pollen counts and associated risk levels for tree, grass, and weed pollen.

Pricing information will be available when published by vendor.

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