Diagnostic Support API

Deep Learning service for the detection and monitoring of pulmonary nodules.

API AI4PulmonaryNodules

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Diagnostic Support API

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AI4PulmonaryNodules Free
Diagnosis Support IA Image Recognition Diagostic Imaging Deep Learning Pack-Diagnostic Support
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[ENG] AI4PulmonaryNodules API streamlines your workflow by automatically detecting, determining the nodule’s composition, and tracking the growth of pulmonary nodules. Its deep-learning based, clinically validated technology, delivers accurate information regarding pulmonary nodules as small as 3mm. An extra pair of well-trained eyes in the search of subtle abnormalities on CT chest scans. [ESP] La API AI4PulmonaryNodules agiliza su flujo de trabajo detectando automáticamente nódulos pulmonares, determinando su composición y siguiendo su crecimiento. Su tecnología, basada en deep-learning y validada clínicamente, ofrece información precisa sobre nódulos pulmonares de tan solo 3 mm. Un par extra de ojos bien entrenados en la búsqueda de anormalidades sutiles en las exploraciones de tórax por TC.

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