All the hyperlocal weather record at your fingertips with Ambee’s Weather History API now available in Nubentos

by | 9 Mar 2022 | 0 comments

If we recently presented the Weather Forecast API to get an accurate weather forecast, now we announce that its sister solution, the Weather History API to access the largest weather record is now available in the API Store.

Ambee, our partner specialised in environmental intelligence, brought us to Nubentos the collections AirQuality, Pollen and now closes the cycle with the Weather APIs, three digital innovations for healthcare applications for patients and professionals who need to know weather data to make medical decisions.

The Weather History API gives you access to a weather record of temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, cloud cover, visibility and dew point for any location in the world by latitude and longitude.

Designed for daily use by end users, those who also have health problems or any kind of respiratory pathology will find in the Weather API, they can rely on the accuracy of this Ambee solution to implement the necessary changes in their routines and lifestyles.

Our API Store offers the ecosystem the best catalogue of technological innovations with healthcare applications in the world. We rely on providers with a strong presence in Digital Health to bring their APIs to medical centres, healthcare professionals and patients, making these tools easily, quickly and securely available to them.

Do you have a healthcare application that you want to launch into the ecosystem? Do you need a digital solution to solve problems in clinical management, patient tracking, diagnostic imaging? Enter Nubentos’ catalogue of essential innovations and discover everything we can offer you.

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