i4Park is the API for Parkinson’s disease patients monitoring, now available in Nubentos.

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Some time ago we closed an important partnership with one of the most promising spanish startups in Digital Health, i4Life, a specialist in improving the quality of life of patients with neurologic diseases. Today we can finally announce with joy that i4park®, their API for Parkinson’s disease patients monitoring, is now available in our API Store.

The API that your Parkinson’s disease patients need

 i4park®  allows Parkinson’s disease patients to closely and thoroughly monitor the evolution of their disease. As a disease that can have numerous symptoms on a daily basis, it is difficult to keep track of them accurately enough and many patients end up being subjective when talking about them.

 By applying statistical algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, i4park® generates a detailed report for the doctor that will allow better quality in patient follow-up consultations and a more accurate personalisation of treatments.

 i4park® is an accessible and easy-to-use solution, with a system backed by high standards of quality and safety in the clinical process and offering numerous advantages for Parkinson’s disease patients and the professionals who manage their medical cases, avoiding the loss and forgetting of important data that can be extracted from the daily symptom record.

 This solution was piloted in a clinical research project with patients and neurologists at the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA), thus guaranteeing its quality from a clinical point of view.

 This API for Parkinson’ disease patients monitoring is an important addition to Nubentos’ catalogue of digital innovations, in which remote patient monitoring has an important weight. But in addition to this clinical application, i4Park will be included in other essential Nubentos innovation packs such as the Neurology Pack, Patient Engagement Pack, Chronic Disease Pack and Elderly Pack.

 Facilitating Digital Health access to healthcare professionals and patients is always and will always be Nubentos’ main mission.

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