Don’t you know the DKV API? ProtUrgClinicas is the solution for the emergency protocol available in Nubentos.

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If by now you still haven’t heard about it, don’t worry, we’re back to remind you. Nubentos is the most complete API Marketplace in the healthcare ecosystem, full of digital solutions that will help you detect, manage and treat pathologies in your patients and facilitate your daily clinical work. And among these solutions is the ProtUrgClinicas API for the clinical emergency protocol.

What does ProtUrgClinicas do and why is it so in demand?

 Some time ago we signed a new collaboration agreement with DKV Salud and with this agreement our API Store included their API for the management of clinical emergency protocols. ProtUrgClinicas is an API dedicated to triage that detects for the different reasons for consultation the cases that are likely to be serious or urgent, and refers them to the most appropriate medical care.

 Based on the reason for consultation, the user is asked whether this reason is accompanied by specific symptoms. Depending on the user’s response, the urgency of the medical care is reported.

 From the very beginning, we knew that this solution for the emergency protocol would fit perfectly into the Nubentos innovation portfolio. Offering our users the best digital solutions for the digitisation of healthcare processes is part of our business objective.

 Thanks to the integration in the Nubentos platform, DKV offers the actors of the ecosystem a reliable emergency protocol management tool with a minimum development effort, which results in great time and cost savings for the professionals who opt for this API.

 Nubentos’ doors are always open to innovation and cutting-edge technology for all providers of Digital Health applications. Accessibility and the simplicity of API integration is what drives us. If, like DKV, you want to bring your digital solutions to the world, don’t hesitate, get in touch with Nubentos.

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