Nubentos and Analytic Health join forces to bring the most comprehensive pharmaceutical analytics to the ecosystem

by | 29 Mar 2022 | 0 comments

 We come to the end of the first quarter of 2022 by announcing a new partner in Nubentos that brings us the best and most detailed pharmaceutical analysis in the UK healthcare market: Analytic Health.

 Analytic Health’s mission is to develop intelligent and accessible technology to give organisations the tools they need to accelerate innovation in healthcare. The lack of a place to centralise information and concise pharmaceutical analysis was a pressing need that Analytic Health was able to capitalise on, making its way into the healthcare ecosystem a few years ago.

 Access to this information and the analysis of this data enables companies to make optimal decisions about their business strategies. Analytic Health is leveraging its pharmaceutical analysis of the UK market to generate unique insights and actionable recommendations for these companies based on the information it gathers.

 Their solution, which will soon be available in the Nubentos API Store, is a self-developed web application that provides information about the UK market: Pharmly Cloud Data. Pharmly Cloud Data collects and combines data from different sources so that users can easily access and download it. 

 Veerle van Leemput, Managing Director and Head of Data Science, comments: “We’re super excited to have our Pharmly Cloud Data API on the Nubentos platform! Our mission is to accelerate innovation in healthcare and one of the main drivers of innovation is access to data. By using the Nubentos platform our API has the potential to reach even more companies and individuals looking for access to high-quality UK pharmaceutical data– thereby supporting our mission!

Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder in Nubentos, makes his own reflection about this new partnership with Analytic Health, “The quality of the information and the security when accessing it, are two of the main assets that Analytic Health brings to the UK data sector. For Nubentos it is an honour to have a partner like Analytic Health, with a high value solution for the Pharma sector, one of the most important in the ecosystem. We continue to expand our portfolio and the use cases we cover with the Nubentos API STore, the world’s largest portfolio of innovations in Digital Health“.

 Nubentos strives every day to reach out to more and more important partners in the healthcare ecosystem, to go further in its mission to bring Digital Health to every corner from the screen of any electronic device. Digital Health IS possible with Nubentos. 

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