Nubentos welcomes Ambee, the new partner specialised in environmental intelligence

by | 18 Nov 2021 | 0 comments

When we talk about Digital Health it seems that we reduce everything to the hospital and clinical world, but we must not forget that Healthcare has many branches and patients are patients of all kinds of pathologies. Today we announce a new collaboration that we have closed with a partner that brings us closer to a new type of scenario related to respiratory conditions: Ambee, a specialist in environmental intelligence.

 Ambee is at the forefront of the techno-environmental revolution, working to facilitate a cleaner, healthier world from a clinical point of view, helping patients and healthcare facilities make informed decisions based on the values its solutions capture. These solutions, based on environmental intelligence, help people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions to be aware of how their environment behaves in relation to their condition and thus improve their quality of life.

 For both players, this new partnership is a perfect opportunity to fulfil their goal of bringing their work closer to the ecosystem, Ambee with its environmental digital innovations and Nubentos providing the outbox for those innovations thanks to its Digital Health catalogue.

 This new collaboration is a new milestone in the history of Nubentos, as stated by the CEO and CO-Founder of the startup, Manuel Morales, We are delighted with this agreement with Ambee, which allows us to bring to our portfolio some innovations that our customers are demanding. Respiratory diseases affect more and more people and anything that helps to improve the quality of life of these patients is important to promote. At Nubentos we are working for just this.”

 Very soon, Ambee’s digital innovations will be published in our API Store. Learn more about AirQuality, Pollen and Weather, Ambee’s three environmental intelligence innovations that you will discover in the catalogue. Users can use them to find out the quality of the air they breathe in a perfectly geolocated area and in near-real time, as well as the pollen levels or the weather forecast.

 If you want to bring your innovations to the healthcare ecosystem, Nubentos makes it easy for you. Publish your APIs in our Digital Health APIs catalogue.

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