AirQuality, Ambee’s Environmental Quality solution available on API Store

by | 8 Feb 2022 | 0 comments

Digital Health translates into numerous scenarios and applications, as we can imagine. Some time ago we shared that a new provider had joined the ranks of Nubentos to bring its digital solutions to the healthcare ecosystem, and today we can finally talk about its contributions to the Nubentos catalogue. We are talking about Ambee, a specialist in environmental intelligence and monitoring of natural resources.

Ambee’s environmental quality solution

 We present AirQuality, the environmental quality API that analyses the global air to prevent risks derived from air pollution in people. This solution is an essential tool to support the recommendations of health professionals, and also help them to make informed decisions and prevent worsening of their patients’ health status.

 Given the relevance of the harmful effect of air pollution and global warming, we understand that this and the other solutions developed by Ambee are a must in our catalogue of healthcare innovations. Air pollution affects planetary life, causes health problems and aggravates existing health conditions.

 Ambee bases its technology on thousands of ground-based sensors and hundreds of remote images executed by satellites to get all the environmental information in the most accurate and reliable way.

 This is why the introduction of AirQuality among our digital solutions is so important to us, as it enables real-time, hyper-local, AI-driven environmental air quality measurement. With AirQuality, we will get useful information on air quality index, particulate matter and air pollution levels with a detailed view of CO, PM2.5, PM10, O3 and more.

 Ambee’s solutions are already available in our API Store so that you can get to know them and have them at your disposal with the best conditions. Our team of professionals will be at your disposal to guide you towards Digital Health.

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