The best environmental analysis solution is AirQuality Analytics by Ambee

by | 10 Feb 2022 | 0 comments

If we recently talked about Ambee’s solution for global air and environmental quality, today we bring you the second of this provider’s solutions that we have added to our catalogue: AirQuality Analytics.

AirQuality Analytics, the API for environmental analysis, helps to determine the most and least polluted geographical areas with the intention of establishing safer routes for those users with health problems and respiratory pathologies that can be aggravated by poor air quality. The data collected by this environmental analysis solution, which is hyper-local, is fed into a proprietary algorithm that learns from the user’s routines and lifestyle and is able to suggest changes.

Ambee’s work has always been to gather the necessary information to reinforce the health decision of the health professional and its patients or users, and in Nubentos we want to be part of this work.

By using the most intelligent tools and methods, we help to take action to solve today’s healthcare challenges. And with the partnership of ecosystem players such as Ambee, we move one step further every day.

AirQuality and AirQuality Analytics are two of the healthcare solutions currently available from Ambee in the Nubentos digital catalogue, both dedicated to environmental intelligence and analytics. Our API Store is open to those technological innovations aimed at expanding Digital Health to all corners. Come in and discover them!

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