About us,

the Nubentos Team

Nubentos is Digital Health as a Service. We drive adoption of Digital Health innovations, by simplifying the way they are discovered, accessed and integrated into any Healthcare software or App for Health.

We put our large experience and deep know-how on technology and interoperability in the Healthcare sector, to position Nubentos API Store as the reference for any IT team involved in developing innovations and building better software in the Health ecosystem.

About Us, the Team behind Nubentos

Our mission

To promote and facilitate the adoption of advances in Digital Health and Connected Health by the entire health ecosystem.

Our vision

To become the worldwide reference platform for the distribution of advanced services in Digital Health and Connected Health.

Team behind Nubentos

Isabel team CMO Nubentos

Isabel Caballero

CMO and co-founder

Manuel team CEO Nubentos

Manuel Morales

CEO and founder

Miguel team CTO Nubentos

Miguel A. Falcón

CTO and co-founder

Clara García

Content & Social Media Manager

Luis Miguel Valverde_photo

Inmaculada Armenteros

Senior Sales Account Executive

Marcos Gómez

Senior Sales Account Executive

Antonio Marfil_photo

Antonio Marfil

Front End Developer

Rafael Canales


Daniel Molleja_photo

Daniel Molleja


Nubentos team make possible Digital Health
for you!

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