5 essential innovations for the Digital Pharmacy

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The role that pharmacies play in the healthcare ecosystem is fundamental for the health of the population. Due to their proximity to citizens and the immediacy of their services, their evolution towards Digital Pharmacy will allow for the introduction of important innovations in Digital Health in the daily lives of many patients. If you want to know the 5 essential innovations for Digital Pharmacy, we tell you about them here.


The transformation of Pharmacy

We have all been used to seeing how, little by little, pharmacies have been introducing more and more services such as weight control, blood pressure, personalised advice on diet and nutrition, baby care, skin care, etc, etc.

In addition to their traditional task of dispensing medicines and pharmacological advice, pharmacists in digital pharmacies need to be able to provide more services to their customers. Services that until now seemed to be available only to large private institutions.

Today, Artificial Intelligence and the ability to connect applications remotely and instantly makes it possible for Digital Health to reach any pharmacy.

But how can we put such innovative tools in the hands of pharmacists today? Aren’t they too expensive? Don’t they require high technology?


Digital Pharmacy, a very present future

The good news is that they are not expensive, nor do they require high technology.

There are thousands of health software services that can be used from any application instantly, and in the case of the Digital Pharmacy, they introduce a huge range of new state-of-the-art services that pharmacists can offer their customers.

We will soon get used to seeing how we can instantly know our cardiovascular risk index. We will see it as a matter of course that a diabetic patient will be able to check his glucose levels in the next hour at his pharmacy. They will be able to anticipate possible rises and falls, take preventive action and improve their quality of life.

And all this in the pharmacy itself, the best place to get these recommendations, services and complementary products specific to each customer and each situation.

Among the many innovations that exist today to boost the digital transformation of pharmacies, at Nubentos we have selected the 5 essential innovations for the Digital Pharmacy.

We tell you all about them in this ebook.

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