5 Essential Innovations for Digital Prescription

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If there is one healthcare process that we all experience almost every time we have a contact with the healthcare system, and which we associate with healthcare, it is the prescription process. A process where doctor and patient come together to collaborate with the aim of making healthcare successful.

Or at least, that is how it should be.

Like all healthcare processes, the prescription process is undergoing a deep digital transformation. A digitisation that goes beyond prescribing via computer, or recording the prescription in the Electronic Health Record.

The transformation of the prescription process must seek ways to improve and optimise doctor-patient communication and the healthcare provider’s ability to achieve the best possible patient adherence to treatment.

Today we present the Nubentos’ eBook with the “5 Essential Innovations for Digital Prescription“.


What are the solutions that Digital Prescription needs?


This eBook gathers a selection of our API Store designed to evolve the workflow of any prescriber towards a digital process with extended capabilities to achieve the objectives of the process more efficiently.

Are you interested in learning more about this selection? Great! To learn more about the details of this pack, download the Digital Prescription eBook now and contact us to take the definitive step in your prescription system.

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