160WorldMeet, the Medical Videoconsultation API available in Nubentos

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In order to bring Digital Health to the patients of the players in the healthcare ecosystem, at Nubentos we are always looking to be at the forefront of digital innovation. That is why we have solutions such as 160WorldMeet, the 160World medical videoconsultation API with which doctors will be able to carry out a precise and complete follow-up of their patients. 

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The Innovation of a Medical VideoConsultation API

160WorldMeet API is a medical videoconsultation service developed especially for the healthcare sector that aims to transform healthcare experiences through modern communications. It is also a service aimed at integrating patients into clinical processes.

How does 160WorldMeet API work?

The 160WorldMeet medical videoconsultation API is based on a face-to-face consultation scenario, in which the roles of Physician, Patient and Companion are identified, and this model is transferred to a digital environment. Communication takes place securely thanks to a complex internal management protocol.

The combination of real experiences with new digital practices provides simple solutions that help the doctor and patient to interact efficiently and safely.

In addition, this medical videoconsultation API is a comprehensive service that includes SMS and email notifications, highly customisable to the environment your patient will see.

As they define themselves, 160WorldMeet has unique features for a digital health solution.

  • It is a 100% secure API, with end-to-end encryption to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the clinical information shared.
  • Its communications are of high quality, thanks to the Web RTC standard.
  • It can be used from any device.
  • It allows a high degree of personalisation, both for notifications and for the healthcare professional’s “waiting room”.
  • Includes mobile and email notifications and reminders.
  • It also includes a free layer of 100 videoconsultations.
  • It has no configuration costs or fixed monthly costs, only pay-per-use.
  • The API is available immediately.

What are you waiting for?

160WorldMeet is available in our API Store and is part of the Medical Consultation Pack and the Remote Patient Monitoring Pack. Visit now and get to know the best medical  videoconsultation API for your patients.

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